Needle 'n Bitch

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(ENG) Slogan T-shirts and accessories are often part of activism. Some designers also design works in the form of T-shirts or accessories to voice social or political concerns. In Indonesia, one of the initiatives or collectives that print feminist slogans on T-shirts and accessories is Needle ‘n Bitch.

Get special merchandise from Needle ‘n Bitch at Fashion ForWords, and help spread positive messages about clothes and the body!

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1. Tie-dyed T-shirt IDR 200.000
2. Screenprinted T-shirt IDR 125.000
3. Package of menstrual pads IDR 165.000
4. Single menstrual pad (Size S) IDR 28.000
5. Single menstrual pad (Size M) IDR 35.000
6. Single menstrual pad (Size L) IDR 40.000
7. Single menstrual pad (Size XL) IDR 50.000
8. Totebag IDR 80.000
9. Upcycle String Pouch IDR 50.000
10. Upcycle Zipper Pouch IDR 50.000
11. Patches / Large Emblem IDR 20.000

Prices exclude shipping.

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(IND) Kaus dan aksesoris berslogan sering jadi bagian aktivisme, bahkan beberapa desainer turut merancang karya berupa kaus atau aksesoris berslogan. Di Indonesia, salah satu inisiatif atau kolektif yang mencetak slogan-slogan feminis di kaus dan aksesoris adalah @NeedleandBitch.

Dapatkan merchandise istimewa dari Needle ‘n Bitch di Fashion ForWords selama pameran berlangsung. Dan bantu sebarkan pesan-pesan positif tentang tubuh dan pakaian!

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Email untuk pemesanan.

1. T-shirt Tie Dye Sablon Rp 200.000
2. T-shirt Sablon Biasa Rp 125.000
3. Paket Mens Pad “Pembelot” Rp 165.000
4. Mens Pad Satuan (Size S) Rp 28.000
5. Mens Pad Satuan (Size M) Rp 35.000
6. Mens Pad Satuan (Size L) Rp 40.000
7. Mens Pad Satuan (Size XL) Rp 50.000
8. Totebag Rp 80.000
9. Upcycle String Pouch Rp 50.000
10. Upcycle Zipper Pouch Rp 50.000
11. Patches / Emblem Besar Rp 20.000

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